Applies To:

MySQL 5.1.44


Issue Summary:

When trying to create a DSN to MySQL we are unable to connect to MySQL database.  It refuses the connection.  



By default MySQL is configured to reject any connection from any machine other than or localhost.  

  1.  Download Workbench
  2.  Navigate to Users and Privileges
  3.  Create a new user, or find your user and in the "Limit Connectivity to Hosts Matching" field enter a % (wildcard).  Or add your own remote IP address.  NOTE: you probably don't want to user root.  If you create a new user be sure to give them proper Administrative roles.  
  4.  In the mysql directory there is a file called my.cnf.  Open this file and change the "bind-address" from to or your ip address on the machine. Also comment out skip_networking  if it is present.  Save the changes. 
  5.  Restart the mysql service

Note: These changes are should be temporary. Please set everything back when you are done with whatever you are trying to accomplish.