Applies To: 

HP ALM/QC 11.52, Oracle Database 


The user wants to report on old users.  Old users who they could potentially delete or deactivate.  


A. Find the total number of users in the database (Note, this includes _SYSTEM_USER_ profiles or the performance center system user so the count could be off by a few) :  

select *  from QCSITEADMIN_DB.users;

B. Find the number of users who HAVE logged in within the past year: 

select distinct user_name from QCSITEADMIN_DB.SESSIONS_HISTORY

C. Find the number of users who have not logged in within the past year (note, a bug was discovered where the Username was sometimes lowercase in the Sessions_History table so if using an oracle database, make sure to UCASE or UPPER the usernames).  

select distinct u.user_name, u.full_name from QCSITEADMIN_DB.users u

where UPPER(u.user_name) not in (select distinct  UPPER(h.user_name) from qCSITEADMIN_DB.SESSIONS_HISTORY h);

D.  Validate Results - Take the number of records from step A and subtract the total records from step B.  This number should give you the total number of records to expect in step C.