Applies To: HP Performance Center 12, SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 (using SQL Auth)

(this issue may apply to additional SQL Server databases but was found in the above environment while installing HP Performance Center 12)

Bienabee believes this to be an issue with HP PC 12 and we have raised this concern with HP R & D.

During the installation of HP ALM Platform being used with HP Performance Center, while setting up the system with the ALM configuration wizard the qcsiteadmin_db (TD user) password was changed from the default 'tdtdtd'.

Issue Summary: 

After installing the HP ALM Platform and the HP Performance Center 12 servers by following the exact guidelines as shown in the HP ALM / PC Installation guides the PC Server was unable to connect to the HP ALM Database.

Error: Database Connection Error: failed OpenConnection: Login Failed for user 'td'.

This error was recognizable while trying to view VuGen scripts in HP ALM as seen below:

This error was also present when performing a HP Performance Center system health check showing the HP PC Servers failed to connect to the DB:


The issue lies with using a non-default qcsiteadmin_db schema PW which created the TD user with a password other than 'tdtdtd'.

Follow the below steps to ensure there is no other issues present before proceeding with any configuration changes.

  1. Ensure that you have disabled all security features that would prevent the ALM Platform and PC servers from functioning normal as outlined in the installation guides.
  2. Try and ping both to and from the PC Servers to the DB servers and if this is a success then try and establish an ODBC connection from the PC Server to the database with the TD user. (Be sure to use the port that was chosen for the DB in the ALM Platform Configuration).

  3. If you are able to successfully establish a connection from the PC server to the DB server and you changed the qcsiteadmin_db password during the ALM installation you will need to revert your TD user PW back to the default 'tdtdtd'.