Applies To: 

HP UFT 12.xx (validated on UFT 12.02), Internet Explorer 11 

Issues Summary:

When running a UFT test on IE 11 an error message pops up indicating that Browser Helper Object is required. Error message: "The UFT Browser Helper Object is required for this step. Make sure the BHOManager Class add-on is enabled in Internet Explorer."


Step 1)  Validate that the BHOManager add-on is enabled in Internet Explorer by selecting the tools menu (gear icon top right corner) then clicking "Manage add-ons". Ensure the BHOManager Class published by Hewlett-Packard Company is set to enabled.

Step 2) If step 1 did not resolve your issue then open the tools menu (gear icon top right corner) and select "Internet Options", then select the "Advanced" tab. In the "Browsing section" of the settings enable required settings by clicking the check boxes next to the "Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)" option and the "Enable third-party browser extensions".

Step 3) If the previous steps do not fix the issue, you may need to reset your IE settings by following the previous instructions to get to the "Advanced" tab of IE internet options and then clicking the "Reset Internet Explorer Settings"

There is a potential that some registry fixes need to be made or some more fine tuning of IE settings needs to be done. For a full set of troubleshooting steps you may refer to this HP community thread or reach out to if you need further assistance.