Applies to an Error when trying to Script against Mobile Devices

Issue Summary

Able to connect a device to MC.  When trying to script against the device I would get the following error message:

The mobile device will not render with the above message.

Steps to fix the problem

I verified the IP address that was associated with the MC instance was correct.  There was an error there, which I fixed.  I then verified the static IP address that was associated with the computer.  The Default gateway was not pointing to the router correctly.  Once that was fixed the mobile device will now render from UFT.

If the network settings for your VM are correct, go to the MC configuration:  Start-> All Programs -> HPE Mobile Center Server -> Modify configuration

This will open a window where you can adjust the initial settings of MC when it was originally installed.  You need to have a fully qualified domain name for your computer.  If you computer does not have a FQDN because it is not on a domain, you will have to use the IP address.  Unfortunately “localhost” does not work.