Applies to Mobile Center admin user being locked out of MC

Issue Summary

After installing MC 2.5 the default user is locked out of the admin portal, or anytime the admin is locked out.

Steps to get back into the MC Admin portal

  • For Windows, under the Mobile Center installation, make sure you have admin privileges. Navigate to the server\bin folder and run user_management.bat.

    For Linux, change directory to your Mobile Center installation's server/bin directory and run ./
  • Select the task you want to perform:
  • Enter 1 to create a new administrator:
  • Enter the user name (email) of the new administrator.
  • Enter a password for this new administrator.

                                    The new user is added to the list of Admin users in Mobile Center.

  • Enter 2 to assign administrator permissions to an existing user:
  • Enter the name of the user (email) to whom you want to assign administrator permissions.

The user is added to the list of Admin users in Mobile Center. For details, see the information on Users in Admin tasks.

  • Enter 3 to change a user's password:
  • Enter the user name (email).
  • Enter the new password.

                                                The user's password is updated in Mobile Center.

You can also update a user's password from the Administration > Users page.