Applies To: 

Micro Focus (Formerly HP, HPE) - Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Quality Center (QC) running in Internet Explorer

Issue Summary:

When using QC or ALM on a newer Windows computer there is a known problem with Windows "Custom Scaling Levels". This results in many modules and menus of ALM to be cut off, e.g. "PC Te..." instead of the full name "PC Testing". 


To remedy this problem on Windows 10, you need to navigate to "Control Panel >> Display >> Set a Custom Scaling Level" and change the value to "100%". 

This often is enabled by default because of the high resolutions used on today's computers. If your font/text becomes too small, you must lower the screen resolution as well (Start>>Display>>Resolution). 

This is also an issue with Virtual Machines. This article will address Apple OSX when running VMWare. Although, the solution will be very similar across all OS's running virtualization, use this example to remedy those issues as well. 

For OSX follow the same steps above with one addition, in your VMWare settings you must unselect the box that uses the "Use full resolution for Retina display", otherwise the resolution will revert every time you switch to your windows VM. If the native resolution font/text is an appropriate size, then this step can be ignored.