Applies To: 

Micro Focus Octane, SQL Server


When creating a new isolated or shared space we check the 'Use Existing Schema' box and receive an error message: 

Space could not be created. Action upon entity of type [shared_space] has failed. Error: Datasource info - (DataSource) User 'octane'/ Schema'xxxx'/user:'octane'connection xxxxxx data source of DataSourceType=[Schema_level]. Error: An attempt by a client to checkout a Connection has timed out. 


This could be due to a number if issues: 

  1. The Schema Name is the Database Name your DBA created for you, think of this as an empty Shell. 
  2. For SQL Database, Schema Password will be blank
  3. Be sure Name is the exact name of the database schema name in SQL MGMT studio
  4. Be sure the 'octane' user has DDLAdmin to the shell database

Note: This DOES not copy customizations from other shared_spaces or work_spaces. This feature ONLY populates a database shell if your 'octane' user does not have permissions to CREATE database schemas.