Applies To: 

ALM before 12.0


HP's certificate will expire Oct 21st.  Any new installations will be blocked by Windows due to an invalid cert. 


The hotfix is bundled in the war file so all we have to do is replace the war file and restart the ALM service.  Should take less than 5 minutes.  Should install this before Oct 22nd.  


The zip file we need is located at the link below.

If it asks for a password:

Username: almcert

Password: on=CG7gx

 Or email open another ticket and we will send a new FTP link to the files. 

Click on proper link to begin downloading the zip file.


ALM 11.0 patch 12 to patch 18:

1. Download the zip folder from the FTP mentioned below

2. Copy the zip file to a local folder on the ALM Server.

3. Stop the ALM Service.

4. Extract the zip file to the following path: <Deployment path>\HP\ALM\<application server name>\server\default\deploy\

E.g. the ALM default installation path is: Windows: C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\jboss\server\default\deploy 


Note: The hotfix replaces files within the folder that contains the 20qbcin.war folder. Do not replace the files within Program Files.

5. Start the ALM service.